About Me

I am Natalia Ntefa, the owner and creative mind behind Natalia Ntefa Art & Jewellery. I am a wife, a son mother and a dog mother.

My vision is to make elegant, unique and one of a kind jewelry, in small batches, handmade from start to finish by me.

My inspiration come from everything around me like nature, art, architecture, people… I love creating “wearable art” jewelry with a chic and romantic touch.

“Art is everywhere, around us, inside us, on us!!”

My designs are mainly created using polymer clay which is very flexible, durable, lightweight and colorful material in combination with metallic elements (brass, gold plated brass, steel) or semi precious stones.

Each item is created, rolled, cut, baked, sanded, assembled, photographed and packaged by me with all my love and care. Everything else is up to my husband. Without him I couldn’t make my dream come true…

Life is a collection of moments...
Today's moments are tomorrow's memories

Life is what you create... Painting is a silent poetry

All good things are wild and free...You are never alone when
you are connected with nature...