Terms of use

Terms of use

The access and use of the website imply the unreserved acceptance of the following terms of use which are subject to the Greek and European Law and the jurisdiction of the Greek courts. Obtaining information from this website does not create any mandate relationship with “www.nataliantefajewellery.com”. The website includes an e-shop with the business products to be distributed. The completion of each purchase and sale should have been preceded by a relevant order by the client to “www.nataliantefajewellery.com”

Although the website is protected by the most modern technological means, we do not guarantee its operation without any technical problems. Moreover, we do not bear any responsibility for viruses and technical problems that may occur in computers of users due to their visit to the website.

This website provides links to third-party websites. Such websites are not related by any means to the website and are not under the control of “www.nataliantefajewellery.com” and, therefore, our business assumes no responsibility for the content or operation of any such sites.

Industrial and Intellectual Property

The trademark “www.nataliantefajewellery.com”, the pictures, the distinctive features, the photographs, the products and all the archives that are available on the website constitute the industrial and intellectual property of the business founders. Furthermore, all the information and material posted on the website are industrial and intellectual property of “www.nataliantefajewellery.com”. For all the above, any public or commercial reproduction, republication, transmission, transfer in any way shall be expressly prohibited without the prior written authorisation and consent of the founders of “www.nataliantefajewellery.com”, while any personal use shall be permitted as long as the identifiers of “www.nataliantefajewellery.com” have not been deleted.

Personal Data Privacy Policy

www.nataliantefajewellery.commaintains a strict privacy policy of personal data of users of the website, is fully compliant with the provisions on the protection of personal data by taking the appropriate technical and organisational measures, while “www.nataliantefajewellery.com” will be in charge of the operation of the website. This website shall ensure the protection of personal data and may not transfer it to any third party (natural or legal person). Your personal data provided by you while using this website, such as your name or e-mail address, shall remain confidential and be used only to support our communication. The business sends newsletters only to the subscribers who have selected to receive them and this sending is fully compatible at technical level with the regulations governing the sending of correspondence, providing the subscribers with the opportunity to unsubscribe from the recipients’ list at any time.


Without prejudice to the terms and conditions included in this Agreement, “www.nataliantefajewellery.com” provides you the non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to access, use and view this website and its material. You agree that you will not interrupt or attempt to interrupt the operation of the website in any manner. “www.nataliantefajewellery.com” allows you to view and download the information (“Material”) of the website only for personal, non-commercial use. This authorisation does not constitute a transfer of ownership of the material or copies of the material and shall be subject to the following limitations:

  • You are obliged to keep all the notifications of the intellectual or any other property included in the material in all copies of the material you have downloaded.
  • You are not entitled to modify the material in any way or reproduce, display publicly, play, distribute or use in some other way or transmit the material for public or commercial purposes, and
  • You are not entitled to transfer the material to other persons, unless you inform them of the obligations arising from these terms and agreements of use and such persons agree that they accept them. You agree to comply with all further limitations that may appear on the website as amended from time to time. This website, as well as any material contained, is protected by copyright and the international laws and conventions on intellectual property. You agree to comply with the international laws on intellectual property which apply to the use of this website, as well as to prevent any unauthorised copying of the material. “www.nataliantefajewellery.com” does not grant you, explicitly or implicitly, any right in accordance with the legislation governing patents, design, trademarks, intellectual property rights or trade secrets, with the exception of any express similar provision mentioned therein.


You have not the right to: a) use devices or software that may interfere with the operation of the website, or b) act in a manner that burdens disproportionally or excessively the website’s infrastructure, or c) intervene in or change the website’s software or operability. This includes actions, such as the uploading of material on the website that is infected by viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs or other elements which may destroy the programming structure of the website or interfere with it. If it is found that you intentionally infringed the above obligations or prohibitions, “www.nataliantefajewellery.com”  has and maintains the right to take legal actions or any other necessary or appropriate measures to protect its property and rights.

Liability for third-party content – Links to the content of other pages

This page may include links to other websites of commercial, business and legal interest for information provided by third parties. The reference to other websites is made in order to facilitate the public and, it does not certainly create any form of commitment of “www.nataliantefajewellery.com”. For any question related to this information or sources not included in this page, the user must address to competent third-party providers and not to the manager of this website.

Applicable law

The above terms and conditions of use of this website, as well as any modification, change or alteration thereof, shall be governed and complemented by the Greek law, the law of the European Union and the relevant international conventions, while the courts of Larissa are defined as the competent courts. The terms of use may be modified without any prior notice.

Any visit to this website shall be governed by the above terms, which each visitor declares that they have read, approved and unreservedly accepted.